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Cassie Tweten Delaney


Cassie spends most of her time at work writing things. She loves books (including comics), sketch comedy, and sci-fi. She’s inspired by art and science. As a former Minnesotan, she longs for an afternoon on a lake, Grain Belt in hand. The New Yorker in her is happy spending that afternoon at the American Museum of Natural History instead.

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Jen Coleman

Assistant Editor

Jen believes that the perfect day begins with a cappuccino and ends with red wine. She is always planning her next meal or her next adventure. She is happiest when she’s soaking up Vitamin D near any large body of water. She admits that she possesses an inner Recyclops. She likes to think that her friends compare her to Liz Lemon because of her quirky sense of humor, rather than the first 30 Rock episode where Liz buys $150 worth of hot dogs to spite a man who cut her in line. Her favorite uncommon good is the Steampunk Coffee Mill.

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Emily Hodges


Emily has a serious case of wanderlust that will most likely never be cured. She comforts herself with impromptu trips to thrift shops and speaking broken French to anyone who will listen. She spends her time crafting imaginary witty banter with HONY and stalking him on Twitter. Her favorite uncommon good is the Hand of Buddha Jewelry Stand.

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