Knights and Dragons Strategy Game

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Sarah says: We created this game as a family to answer our need for a game that can be played with a wide range of ages and that can be leveled so that it stays interesting as the child grows older. The rules were developed by our 10 year old and we worked through several rule variations during development. The game starts out for the younger set as a matching/memory game. This is also how we play when we have a large age-range while playing. As you get older you can add in shape matching, the idea of ordered sets and strategy characters that complicate game play. Expanded sets include blank tiles so that players can add in new rules or characters of their own.

Our business was started to help furnish cooperative and educational games and activities. The flexibility of a home-based business allows us to care for our Autistic son as well as generate manipulatives and therapeutic teaching tools that aid in his therapies.

Each hardwood tile is laser cut and engraved with custom graphics and text to aid game play. Originally designed in-house by our daughter for our autistic son-it’s a game they can play together. He enjoys finding the matches, roaring like a dragon, and finding all of the shape matches he needs. She can add in additional strategy characters and play the game slightly differently with her own age group. Rule suggestions are included for both levels.

Our motto is: "Stay curious, think outside the box, and make it playable!"
Alder hardwoods, toy safe acrylic
Sarah Evans
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Cassie, UncommonGoods

April 16, 2014 02:20:58 PM

We love that this game is made for play across age groups. Would you have fun with it at a family game night?

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