Garlic Roasters

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Ceramics Design Challenge Entry

Avid cook, potter, and architect Brian Johnstone created these garlic roasters as improvements to the standard, practical roasters.

While the garlic bulb roasters are quite functional, they also add a sculptural, decorative element to any kitchen or dining area.
Sold individually

We love that these roasters look great holding your garlic and sitting on a counter or table.
Clay and glazes kiln-fired to cone 6
Brian Johnstone
Julia Marden, Community Organizer
Ceramics Design Challenge

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Not available for purchase.

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November 02, 2011 01:07:40 PM

Nice design but garlic roasters are nothing new. I received two as gifts that I never use.

Cassie, UncommonGoods Community Moderator

November 02, 2011 01:25:27 PM

Brian Johnstone's garlic roasters look good enough to eat! Would you gift this good to your favorite chef, or keep one in your own kitchen or dining room?


November 02, 2011 01:30:40 PM

How do they work?


November 03, 2011 12:48:26 PM

To the one person who gave the roasters a "Thumbs down: (and no offense taken by the way) "Nice design but garlic roasters are nothing new. I received two as gifts that I never use." I'm very well aware that Garlic Roasters are nothing new. It's just that the ones I've seen are the same old prosaic terra-cotta items which are purely functional but have little aesthetic or sculptural presence or value.These were designed to take the Garlic Roasters to another level, as kind of functional sculptures and decorative when not in use, based on the form of a garlic bulb or head with a small sketch of same in the saucer, hopefully giving them a kind of tongue-in-cheek and colorful aspect.Also, each one comes with a small card stating "Place garlic head in the saucer, cover with lid and put in a COLD oven (this is stoneware) and bake for 30-45 minutes at 325 deg F.I "Test-drive" a couple of random models as described above before releasing them to any market or customer. Nobody has reported any problems to date and indeed have reported that they enhance their kitchen as intended. Just further explaining my motive for the design.

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November 03, 2011 04:42:02 PM

Nicely done!

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November 03, 2011 05:22:53 PM

These are beautiful! I will definitely buy one if they become available. Nice job, Brian.

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November 05, 2011 05:34:40 PM

honestly i would never use it. but i think they are really pretty i would use it as decoration

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November 06, 2011 07:27:02 PM

Nice glazes, Brian! I especially like the one in the front right corner.

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November 08, 2011 07:14:29 AM

Nice design if you know someone who actually roasts garlic at home.

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November 08, 2011 07:08:29 PM

Even if I were never to use these to actually roast garlic, I'd purchase them strictly as art.

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November 08, 2011 07:40:41 PM

it's a great idea but I'd never ever use this, except maybe once right when i get it, and they're not really good looking enough to be purchased solely for art. and it's too expensive.


November 12, 2011 08:18:50 PM

I like the one with a touch of purple best -- it's still minimal and natural but also pretty -- the dark green color is a bit gloomy -- the one that's dun and buff has the best stem texture -- lots of character

thanks for commenting