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What's The Word?

Learn out loud with these rapid-fire games of educational questions posed through idioms, facts and vocabulary. Go it alone or grab pals for a lesson in fun. Every deck packs 150 questions with vocabulary bolded on one side, and definitions on the back. Choose from five different stacks:

Bring history lessons to life with World Geography cards packed with brain-teasing multiple-choice questions, like: "This European country was the first country to host the modern international Olympic Games in 1896. Is it: a) United States b) Greece or c) Egypt?"

Written for kids up to 11 years old, Junior Edition introduces and reinforces 5th/6th grade vocabulary with thought-provoking questions like:“Who is the most HONORABLE person you know?", or "How would you solve a DISPUTE with a friend?" Other questions about school, friends, family, and more all are designed to get kids talking, laughing, and learning new vocabulary.

Round up nostalgia while sprucing up vocabulary with American Heroes cards that feature follow-up questions to famous quotes by American legends, using new vocab. "Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine," said Elvis Presley. Your turn: "Tell about an aspiration that you have that has a V8 engine."

SAT Vocab gives teens a break from heavy textbooks and encourages them to have fun with new words. They're sure to remember definitions come test day with questions that apply to their lives: "Name something that is germane to your generation that was not germane to your parents' generation."

Draw from the Funny Sayings deck, and you'll play to idiom-fueled questions like, "Name a celebrity you think lives high off the hog" or "If you lived in the Old West, how do you think you might settle a score with someone?"

Get young kids talking, laughing and learning with a lively box of Small Fry conversation starters. Each fun and challenging question, such as ”What do you like about RAIN?” or ”What makes you SMILE?” , includes a colorful photo illustrating the key word and a fascinating fact such as, ”Did you know Rain falls at a speed of 17 miles per hour?”

Each card in the Sports Idiom deck is sure to evoke a winning discussion. Conversational prompts ask questions using the language of athletics: "Who in your house calls the shots?" or "What crazy have you done that put you in a bit of a sticky wicket?" The reverse side gives the origin of each phrase, along with a surprising fact or trivia question about the sport it comes from.

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Printed in China.

Made from
100% recycled paper label stock
3.25" cubes; 150 cards each
Ages 8 and up. Junior Deck intended for 6th grade and younger.
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Please note: Word Teasers- Small Fry, American Heroes and Legends, Junior Edition, Sports Idioms, and World Geography have been discontinued. When these items sell out, they will no longer be available.