Upcycled Sari Butterfly Wings
Upcycled Sari Butterfly Wings
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Upcycled Sari Butterfly Wings

Give playtime a magic touch with these vibrant upcycled sari butterfly wings.

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Perfect for a little girl!





I bought this as a birthday gift for a five year old girl. It is more or less what I expected. As for the colors, the one I received was mostly dark yellow/mustard with purple ruffles. I agree with another reviewer that it would have been nice to choose a color family, and yes, the colors were not as vibrant as the one pictured, but overall I think it was quite beautiful. The idea of upcycled sari wings is fantastic! I do plan on purchasing another one as a gift in the future.


Great Idea. Would like to have a choice in color.


Perfect for a 3 year old dancing niece. The wings are a little big, the product description clearly said 6 years and up. So that is my fault, she will grow into them. The only thing that would have made buying these "Sari Wings" a little better would have been the ability to pick a color family. My neice ended up with a mostly yellow set. Not nearly a vibrant as the pair shown in the online description. If I could have selected pinks or purples, nothing too specific, just a main color family. I would absolutely purchase these wings again. Without that choice, it is hard to buy more than one set for the same family,



Do not recommend.


Very, very drab and unattractive. Not at all similar to bright fabrics used in sample featured. Do not recommend. Concept is good, but not execution.

Savannah, GA


Upcycled Sari Butterfly Wings

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