Tune Out Musical Sleep Mask
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Tune Out Musical Sleep Mask

This cushy mask blocks light and plays your favorite slumberland soundtrack, helping you rest on the road.


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Works great!


I'm a light sleep so I always use both ear plugs and a sleep mask when I sleep. I also sometimes like to use the headspace meditation sleep pack to help myself fall asleep. In the past I used to have to put in headphones connectes to my phone and then taken them out before I fell asleep which defeats the purpose. This sleep mask was made for me! Now I can put in my ear plugs, put the mask on and listen to the meditations as I fall asleep. I don't have to bother to take off the mask or switch out any earplugs because it is all in one! As a sleep mask goes it it maybe not the best I have used but it works well and makes up for it in functionality. Only downside is it has the traditional headphone jack which doesn't work with new iPhones so you need an adapter



Tune Out Musical Sleep Mask

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