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teal kaleidoscope necklace

by Kevin and Deborah Healy $95.00

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Color & Light

This necklace can brighten any day with a captivating swirl of color. Its teal blue pendant of anodized aluminum actually contains a miniature, fully functioning kaleidoscope. Kevin and Deborah Healy's handcrafted little wonder has three mirrored surfaces inside that reflect a shifting tapestry of vibrant colors, provided by tiny grains of sea glass, recycled glass and mineral gems. The pendant's silver accent hardware is both lovely and functional--simply hold the rotating silver band between two fingers as you turn the tube and peer inside at the snowflake-like patterns within. Hangs from a silver chain. Handmade in the USA.

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Item ID
Made from
sterling silver, recycled glass, anodized aluminum, beach glass
Chain: 24" L
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Kevin and Deborah Healy

Kevin and Deborah have been making Kaleidoscopes since the early 1990's. The first Kaleidoscopes they remember were the cardboard toys passed among friends in some endless childhood summer under the willow trees between stickball games or tea parties. As jewelers Deborah and Kevin share a fascination, perhaps obsession, with the sparkling colors and facets of gems. When they began making jewelry scopes their 25 years experience in design found a new focus.
"The swirling colors and patterns of Kaleidoscopes have enabled us to add a new dimension to how our jewlery may be enjoyed. As artists, we feel fortunate to participate in the revelatory and peaceful world of Kaleidoscopes." collection

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