Smartphone Photography Lens Set

These pro quality photo accessories turn the handiest camera—your iPhone—into a superb photographic tool.

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Dad loved his gift


We bought this gift for my husband for Father's Day. He loved it (we've got a 2nd child on the way and think this will be great for the hospital). The idea behind it makes it much easier than carrying our DSLR camera. There was no way to mount it on the iphone however. We went to the website and there's a strap that is $10 that we will order, so not a big deal. Just wish I'd known (perhaps it's in the product description and I just didn't read clearly enough). There's also a case on the product's website, which is a bit pricier but another option. We have not yet used the lens but looks like it will take good quality pictures.

Nashville, TN


Smartphone Photography Lens Set

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