Shape-Shifting Ollie Chair
Shape-Shifting Ollie Chair
Shape-Shifting Ollie Chair
Shape-Shifting Ollie Chair
Shape-Shifting Ollie Chair
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Shape-Shifting Ollie Chair

This folding chair is thoughtfully designed using tambour - a flexible slatted surface fixed to canvas.


Jessica Banks & Pete Schlebecker created by

Jessica Banks & Pete Schlebecker

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Practical, Versatile, Stylish and almost Magic!


I added this chair to a collection of chairs in my living room that includes custom chairs and various Mid-Century Modern designer chairs. It fits right in and adds a wonderful happy and comfortable chair to the mix.

Dallas, Texas


I was disappointed


The chair isn't very attractive. The "shape shifting" mechanism doesn't work properly and the chair is very difficult to close.

Roseville ca


I think this is furniture art.


It's a gift.

Teton Valley Idaho


Space saving...yet beautiful!!


We live in a small space and have a table for 4...but will often have my parents over for dinner, so we used to bring in our lanai (balcony) chairs, which are metal and not comfortable. These chairs are stylish, sturdy and comfy!! When we're not using them, they look gorgeous folded next to our table!

Honolulu, HI


Happy but not completely satisfied


I was really excited to receive this gift, I ordered it in May when I purchased a new (smaller) home and it was delivered in November. I'm happy with the chair and its construction, but it's not easy to open with the pulley string in the back. I manually open and close by pulling and pushing on the metal seems under the seat. I have repeatedly read the directions regarding opening and closing so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or there's in issue with the string or handle. I did feel the chair was expensive, but I also felt like it was made of really durable materials and besides being functional for a small area, I felt it was artistic. I do like when I'm not using the chair it's easily stored behind my entertainment center. I'm happy with my purchase, I just wish it opened and closed a little easier.

East Detroit, MI




As noted above the grey frame looked a bit too industrial for my decor so I painted in brown. Now it's a perfect fit.

San Francisco


Super idea hooked me. Execution passable.


Bought for my office. I will use it until it breaks. I won't soon buy another at this price. I strongly support the idea of incubator for innovative design, but I'm a customer, not a donor.

New York, NY

Shape-Shifting Ollie Chair

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