I ordered this for my mother who lives on the mainland (I do not.) so I was pretty worried that it would be broken by the time, she got it. But I was thrilled to order it for her because she's just...what everyone pictures a mom to be: ADDICTED TO FLOWERS, PURPLE AND TEA! (lol!) So she got it in all the correct pieces. And she loved it. She was so excited b/c it was so different that she didn't want to use it. I refrained from commenting on it b/c I wanted to see it in person first. It is pretty sturdy but I wouldn't be too liberal with it. Most of the items on this website are craft pieces. With all craft pieces...its durable but lets be reasonable with it. You wouldn't make mac & cheese in the microwave with it. Its meant to be a gift so its small and personal. I do wish that there were other pieces that would go with it, like a maybe a desert plate and tray. or even if there were other colors/flowers available. Either way, I love this and she did also. I usually never know what to get for her but its the perfect mom gift.

Honolulu, HI


Nice, But Fragile: Broken upon Arrival


Neat concept.

Phoenix, AZ

Interesting set


Purchased as birthday gift.

Champaign Ill


Love the tea set


This is a gift for a young couple getting married who i love. We share books and tea, and this is a perfect gift, in my mind. I hope they like it as much.

Flourtown, PA


Very cute & useful gift!


Excellent for teatime for 2! Teapot has holes before spout so large tea leaves don't go out into teacups. Got this for mother's day and I think it's an excellent gift.

San Diego



4.0 5