Rose Quartz and Wood Essential Oil Bracelet
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Rose Quartz and Wood Essential Oil Bracelet

Wear aromatherapy (and a plethora of gemstones) around your wrist with this essential oil bracelet.

$25.00 - 30.00

Jennifer Bravo -Grulkey created by

Jennifer Bravo -Grulkey

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Amazing bracelet


I bought myself this bracelet hoping it would actually fit my restless bracelet is all that it was described. I just love it it fits perfectly and when I add my scent to the rosewood beads its grounds me perfectly.



Fun bracelet


Wear most every day.

Charleston, SC


Be wary of the chain but overall very effective


I was really looking forward to getting this but when I received it the chain had become tangled into a huge knot that could not be undone, I assume during transit. I requested another and it had the same issue just not as bad but there is still a tiny knot. I believe the problem is the material the chain is made out of coupled with the fact that it isn't taped down upon shipment. They should fix this because otherwise beads work very well holding scent of essential oils and it's a very minimal but interesting piece.

Virginia Beach, VA


Unique amazing gift


My friend loves this gift especially with the recent solar eclipse !

Greenville, SC


Rose Quartz and Wood Essential Oil Bracelet

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