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recycled windowpane bowl

by Lance and Amanda Taylor
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Frosted Glass

This bowl of recycled glass captures the organic textures and color of ancient, glacial ice. But rather than being formed over frozen centuries, the translucent material is created by heat fusing layer upon layer of reclaimed windowpane glass. Display the bowl on its own as an elegant, sculptural accent, or fill it with vibrant fruit or flowers for a striking and useful visual statement.

The solid heft of the piece conveys the quality and craftsmanship that goes into its making. It comes from the OATKA Glass Studio, located in a 19th century warehouse in the former industrial belt of upstate New York. In the language of the indigenous Seneca nation, "oatka" means "through the opening"--this is both the name of a local creek, and an appropriate title for a studio that prides itself for working with reclaimed window glass, rescuing it from becoming landfill waste. The iron oxide impurities in old glass give the bowl an ethereal, glacial green color, and the layered, uneven edges of the raw glass create a compelling, visual depth and a mottled texture that welcomes tactile exploration. The handmade nature of the piece and its materials mean that each will have unique variations in texture and color, including Handmade in Batavia, NY.

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Item ID
Made from
recycled glass
12" dia x 3" H
Hand wash as needed with warm water and a mild detergent or with glass cleaner. Items not used for food may be cleaned or buff/polished with household wax cleaners.
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Lance and Amanda Taylor

Lance Taylor was born in 1948 in Le Roy, NY. Lance has worked for himself in a variety of businesses for most his life and gone back to school several times to obtain several degrees (Graduate of SUNY Brockport Associate Degree in Architectural Model Making, BA in History/Latin American Studies; BS in Education). Lance has also developed skills over the years in stained glass; ceramics; fine woodworking but over the past 12 years has focused on kiln formed glass. Studying with internationally recognized glass artists and attending schools around the world Lance has become an accomplished Glass Artist in his own right. Most recently Lance has been sensitive to the current issues of recycling and reuse of glass materials destined for landfills. Over the past several years he has explored the difficulties and parameters associated with re-using recycled window pane glass in his creative expression. Amanda Taylor was born in 1960 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She attended the University of Calgary in Geophysics and worked in the oil industry for 31 years. Over time she has became accomplished in metal smithing, ceramics, welding and since 1994 has focused almost entirely on kiln formed glass. She has studied with many internationally known glass artists since that time. Amanda ran her consulting business and glass studio from her home in Calgary. Creativity, learning, love of the outdoors, and travel have always had been part of Amanda's and Lance's life. They have always loved working with their hands and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Their interest in ceramics eventually drew both of them into their passion for working with kiln formed glass. "We love to take it all in; absorb whatever we have learned, and find ways to apply it to our work. It takes time and a lot of commitment to try and achieve the vision we have for our work."

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