Pizza Catnip Toy
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Pizza Catnip Toy

Nip-sensitive cats will go crazy for Trish & Aidan Iriye-Robson's handmade, catnip-stuffed toy slice.


Trish & Aidan Iriye-Robson created by

Trish & Aidan Iriye-Robson

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Best catnip toy!!! Lasts SO long


We got this as a gift, and our kittens LOVED it, and still love it nearly 9 months later! I've never seen them play with a catnip toy more consistently throughout this long of a period of time. It is by far their favorite toy, which is why I will be buying a few more for them! The kittens carry this slice around and we'll often find it hidden somewhere for safe keeping. BEST cat toy for you to get for your kitty or give as a gift!

Minneapolis, MN


If you love pizza and love cats, this is a purrfect gift!


Vastly entertaining! Especially if you are eating 🍕 yourself!

Missoula Montana


Great cat toy


I'm back to buy another slice. I bought this for my niece's newly adopted kitty who loves pizza! My kitties found it, chewed the package open and have been chewing on the toy all morning. I took it away from them, but gave it back after I decided I couldn't give it to my niece's cat. One cat has now taken and the toy and "hid" under his bed!!!

southbury, CT

Pizza Catnip Toy

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