Pair and a Spare Touchscreen Gloves
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Pair and a Spare Touchscreen Gloves

This handsome pair of cozy touchpad gloves is really a trio. If (when) you lose one, you still have two.


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Update to my previous review


I wrote the previous review, purchasing for my hard to shop for 16 year old son. Forgot to mention that we tried the gloves out on my iPhone XR, and they worked well for all the functions, without having to take the gloves off for anything.

Redlands, CA


I would purchase this again.


Purchased as a gift for my 16 year old son, who is harder to shop for these days. He was excited about it, and began using it and testing it out right way. We are pleased with this purchase, which looks nicely made.



iPhone 7 or above home button won't work with these


You can swipe and type, but you won't be able to turn your iPhone 7 or later model on or switch out of an app once you're in it without taking a glove off first. Kind of defeats the purpose. Got two pair and they were both the same, so this was not a defect. No doubt these were made back in ancient times when iPhone had mechanical home buttons. Too bad, super cute. You can see the conductive material woven through if you look closely.

Northern California


Pair and a Spare Touchscreen Gloves

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