Olive Wood Coaster Set
Olive Wood Coaster Set
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Olive Wood Coaster Set

Tunisian artisans gather rich, detailed olive wood to craft this beautiful set of six coasters.

Far too. small to hold mugs or glasses


This item is not sufficient to serve the purpose it is designed for. Although a beautifully produced item, it cannot be used as intended as standard coffee mugs and glasses are sadly far larger than the tiny discs produced.

Jacksonville, Oregon


Found Our Family Gift For Christmas 2018!


As The Family Holiday gift for 2018, these satisfy the range of age and elan of our family members. Well suited to fit with each of their decors, from rustic to bohemian elegance, these will be a huge hit and set the bar for future gifting. I'm so enthusiastic about these that I feel like sending them now!

Burlington, VT


Olive Wood Coaster Set

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