Neon Putty
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Neon Putty

Enjoy the tactile fun of playing (or fidgeting) with this springy, bouncy putty in five pop art colors.


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Great colors but TINY amounts


The colors are amazing! The packaging is beautiful. Then I opened the box and it had tiny tins--about the size of a silver dollar and only 1/2" tall. Inside was a very small amount of putty enough to cover the bottom of the tin by say a little more than 1/8" depth? So even the tiny tins were not full--just a small layer. Definitely purchase for the grown ups and not the little ones who like more than a small ball of putty.

Benicia, CA


It's the perfect gift for seven of our grandkids


It comes in five colors and has a variety of uses

York, SC


Neon Putty

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