Natural Elements Sea Glass Necklaces

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Jessica Lee

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Jessica Lee created by

Jessica Lee

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Come in Waves

Get into your element with artist Jessica Lee's handmade sterling silver toggle necklaces that feature delicate shards of sea glass that have been collected by the artist from along the surfs of Bali and California. Each teardrop-shaped pendant is handmade from vibrant glass bottles and vessels that have been swept away by the ocean, shattered, and then tumbled smooth by the friction of the surf breaking against the sand.

Based on a native American tradition, the four elements help describe a person's spirit, their basic nature and temperament. Depending on when you are born determines which element you personify or match any wearer with her self-identified element, these delicate arrangements of beach glass pieces capture the essence of the four elements: water (light blue, cobalt, and clear), air (white, grey and light blue), earth (amber, olive, and brown), and fire (grey, brown, and amber). These unique pieces can also be given as a token of your appreciation for someone's inner attributes, such as their levity regardless of tough circumstances, their down-to-earth attitude, or their ability to add a spark to any conversation. Each piece of glass is hand bezeled in sterling silver and complemented by a sterling silver chain and a t-shaped toggle, making dressing up solo a cinch.

Water: Intuitive, emotional, empathetic. Soothed by being around water.
(Birthdays: February 19-March 20; June 21-July 22; October 24-November 22)
Air: Intellectual, active, unexpected. Always changing and shifting.
(Birthdays: January 20-February 18; May 21-June 20; September 23-October 23)
Earth: Brave, loyal, practical. Personifies roots. Revitalized by nature.
(Birthdays: December 22-January 19; April 21-May 20; August 23-September 22)
Fire: Strong, creative, self-assured. Likes the air best before and after a storm.
(Birthdays: March 21-April 20; July 23-August 22; November 23-December 21)
Handmade in Bali and California. Sold individually.


Made in Indonesia

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Jessica Lee

created by

Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee was living in Northern California when a friend suggested that she check out Glass Beach near Mendocino on the Pacific Coast. When she saw the beach, she was immediately inspired. Since she was already doing jewelry and stained glass, she thought it seemed like a great idea to combine the techniques.

Jessica has lived all over, from Chicago, Illinois to Eugene, Oregon and now resides in Santa Cruz, California. She'd like to do a lot more traveling as well. "The world is so big," she says, "and there is so much to see."




Made from
sterling silver, sea glass
Chain: 16" L
As each piece of sea glass is shaped by nature, size, and color, may vary slightly. Recommended care: silver polish and warm soapy water. Silver cleaner such as Tarn-x can be used if there are no pearls present.
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Please note, the Natural Elements Sea Glass Necklaces have been discontinued. When each style sells out, it will no longer be available and will be removed from the drop down.