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mechanical music box set

$6.50 - 22.00

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A Gift That Resonates

Whether we're singing out loud, tinkering with instruments, or simply humming along to the tunes of nature, we simply crave melody. That's why musical instruments have been around since people can remember, and mechanical music boxes since we've, well, mastered mechanics. The Mechanical Music Box Set is a unique variation on the old classic. Holes punched into special paper strips are fed into a hand-cranked "box," which produces tones quite unlike those of any other musical instrument. Makes a great gift for budding and professional musicians alike. Comes with three blank paper strips, a hole puncher, an instruction manual, and a pre-punched "Happy Birthday" song strip.

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Item ID
Made from
100% recycled paper label stock, reclaimed steel, polypropylene plastic
3" L x 1" W
Ages 12+

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