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mango, coconut, dulce de leche soaps

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Fragrance of the Tropics

The scent is sure to set your mouth watering, but these sweet flavors from the Amazon are not for your taste buds--they're for your whole body to enjoy. Handmade in Paraguay using natural ingredients and great care for the environment, these soaps are a luxurious escape to the tropics without leaving your home.

Mango Cleansing Blend:
Sweet, tangy mango has a scent like happiness itself. Full of vitamins A, E and C, that help nourish your skin as it moisturizes and unclogs pores. Natural fibers in the soap gently defoliate.

Dulce de Leche: Creamy South American caramel gives this soap a rich aroma, combining with oats for natural exfoliation. The rich suds cleanse deeply and leave the skin soft, so this is a perfect soap for face or body.

Coconut Exfoliating Blend: This soap uses a traditional recipe from the South American countryside and combines two different kinds of coconut pulp. The exfoliating fibers combine with natural essential oils and moisturizing butters for the ultimate cleansing experience. Mildly astringent, this soap can be used to pamper your hair as well as your body.

Sold as a set of three.

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Item ID
Made from
cardboard, all natural ingredients
2" cubes, 3.75 oz. each

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