Magnetic Mounting iPhone Case
Magnetic Mounting iPhone Case
Magnetic Mounting iPhone Case
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Magnetic Mounting iPhone Case

This minimalist, magnetic case protects your iPhone without covering up its iconic design.
created by

Hendra Bong

$40.00 $ 16.99

Hendra Bong created by

Hendra Bong

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i want to love this case


I loved the mounting in the car and at home concept, but it broke too easily when I dropped my phone (corner broke off)

Portland, OR


Update on previous review


I ordered this and did not have a great experience. I appreciated Uncommon Goods customer service reaching out and offering me a new product, and I was willing to try again because I love the idea. The second time around, I would say that perhaps the one I got was a little off - this has worked great. With Washington state's new hands-free law, I am using it every day, and it is working very well. A good shortcut for those of us driving cars without hands free systems built in!

Seattle, Washington


Disappointing; seems to be cheaply made


I love this idea, and I had hoped to use this in my car and my kitchen. I changed out my case, and then mounted the wall magnet in my kitchen - it's still there. Problem is, the case is very loosely attached to the phone, and in just a couple days, the magnet at the back of the case fell out (somewhere - can't find it anywhere). This makes the item unusable. Also, the car attachment is set to grasp very narrow car heat/ac bands. My 2003 Honda Pilot has thicker bands across the heating and a/c and I broke 2 of them trying to get this thing to stay on them. Tried it in a new car, and it seemed to work okay - but be sure to check your car before purchasing.

Seattle, WA


Magnetic Mounting iPhone Case

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