Kombucha Jar & Brew Kit

Brew your own kombucha with this crock designed for the tangy, nutrient-dense tea.


Brew's Clues

There are so many reasons to brew kombucha, starting with its tangy, delicious taste. In addition to that, this living drink is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and probiotics that are generated when a sweetened tea is fermented using a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (a.k.a., SCOBY).

This five-liter jar, complete with its own filter and tap valve, is the first fermentation crock designed specifically for at-home kombucha brewing and storage. Work your way through the booklet of delicious recipes a rewritable label at the top of the crock makes it easy to identify individual batches. Kombucha culture included. Made in China.

We tried this product! Check out our attempts at crafting kombucha on the blog.

Made from
plastic, glass, silicone, stainless steel
9.2" L x 9.2" W x 13.8" H; 5L glass jar
Sterilize using vinegar and lukewarm water.
Detailed instructions and recipes included

Note: Due to the live nature of the SCOBY, this item cannot be returned.
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Gift for my son


Its an attractive lightweight set up. I like the air vent on the top but I don't know how long it will last as it is very thin and paper like.

Cranford, NJ


Great komucha


I am pleased with this purchase. I had made kombucha before, but bottling was always a messy process. In my previous set up, my last three batches went bad and no amount of sterilizing seemed to work. It is a bit overpriced (hence the loss of a star). However, I am glad that I have it!‚Äč

Ithaca, NY


the jar is great but the brewing process is not easy


Using for home-brew but have not yet mastered the art

san diego


Best investment I made for my "booch" habit!


I'd been brewing kombucha in a large jar, but I wanted a continuous brewing system. The downside was that most continuous brewers are ceramic, so I couldn't easily see how my scoby was doing, plus the jars weren't stylish. When I saw this jar, I ddid not hesitate to order it. I am absolutely thrilled with it! The manufacturer's packaging is so attractive and protective that it alone made me smile. Unpacked, I found a quality glass jar that I know will last me for years. The glass is thick and sturdy, it's stylish and easy to use. The brew kit contained a small scoby which quickly developed into a strong producer of quality kombucha. I've been brewing kombucha for years, but the instruction booklet is well-written and easy for beginners to follow. I cannot recommend this product any more highly.

Milwaukee, WI


Cool gift idea, scoby wasn't great


The kit is fun and gives everything we needed to get started. The instruction book with ideas is a great intro to kombucha brewing. Unfortunately we haven't had luck with the scoby. Like some other reviews I saw, our scoby also sank to the bottom and didn't seem to be eating the sugar. After a week the tea is still very sweet.



kombucha brewing made easy


I used to make kombucha in a gallon jar with muslin rubberbanded to the open jar top. When done brewing, I would strain, refrigerate and start a new batch. This wasn't that hard but this jar makes it so mcuh easier. I don't strain anymore. Just use the spout for a drink each day. Then add more tea to the batch when it gets low. I like drinking it at room temp with the fizziness intact rather than refrigerating a whole batch. This has made kombucha brewing very easy. Occasionally, when adding tea, I remove all of the liquid and the scoby and wash the container. The enclosed recipe book looks interesting. I plan to try some of those ideas. I bought the first one for myself and liked it so much that I bought the second one for a friend who also enjoys brewing kombucha.

Reynoldsville, PA




Bought this a gift for my other half he used to make it all the time but the glass jars were just annoying to work with and didn't look great sitting in the kitchen. We have this one on a pedestal we had for an old sangria jar and looks great. We just made it this weekend so will have to check in once it is done.

Fort Collins CO


The Jar is lovely, but my scoby was bad!


I tried it last week and the scoby sank to the bottom and a film formed at the top of the starter tea. I waited for several days, but the scoby stayed down. Will try again with new SCOBY when I can get one!

Washington DC


I'm loved it so much in sent one to my son n his wife !


They are health nuts in Seattle and drink lots of kombucha. Now they are kombucha creators of endless variety limited only by their imagination!



A jar so beautiful it can sit out in your kitchen!


I love it and it arrived quickly.

West Bloomfield, Mi


Kombucha Jar & Brew Kit

4.4 22


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