Koi Pond Birdbath
Koi Pond Birdbath
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Koi Pond Birdbath

Jo-Anne and Gerald Warren created by

Jo-Anne and Gerald Warren

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also by Jo-Anne and Gerald Warren

Super cute and great quality!


This Koi pond birdbath is adorable. I purchased it to provide water to local bees so they don't drink the chlorinated pool water. Where I am located is very hot so the water evaporates within a day (I don't see this as a bad thing since that means mosquitoes cannot hatch in the water). I don't really see this being a useful bird bath because of that water evaporation problem I have.



Stunning birdbath!


This birdbath was a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law. Of all the gifts she received, she appeared to enjoy the birdbath the best. She is a skilled ceramicist and repeatedly praised the beauty and design of the product. She particularly loved the bright colors and texture of the base and seemed to think it would be easy enough to hang and clean. We are all looking forward to watching our feathered friends enjoy this as well!

Ames, IA


Koi Pond Birdbath

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