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Waste Is Wonderful!

Recycle waste into something wonderful! This unique, odorless indoor composting system ferments and pickles food waste in less than half the time of conventional composting methods using the Japanese method of Bokashi.

And don't forget the beginner's guide to composting, which will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the wonderful world of fermentation.

Convenient - Stores neatly under kitchen sink for easy access, every few weeks contents can then be buried in your garden.

Large Capacity - Holds approximately 5 gallons of food waste.

Air-Tight Lid - Ensures an ideal environment for anaerobic fermentation to take place, while controlling odors and deterring flies.

Plastic Strainer & Spigot - Placing the plastic grate inside the bucket and then piling food waste on top of it separates the food waste from the liquid that accumulates at the bottom of the bucket. This liquid can be easily drained through the spigot and used as a nutrient-rich fertilizer for houseplants and garden.

Bokashi - An all-natural compost starter containing beneficial micro-organisms that aids in fermentation.

Once the bucket is full, it will take only 10 days to produce a pre-compost product ready to bury in the garden. After planting, the compost will be converted to rich topsoil in about one month. Compost inoculates the soils with beneficial and effective microorganisms which detoxify chemically treated soil, feeds the natural soil ecology, and attracts beneficial insects and nematodes. It also enhances soil fertility and increases plant yield and produce quality.

Each composter comes with a one gallon bag (2.2 lbs.) of bokashi. Additional one gallon bokashi refills available.

Due to the 10-day cycle needed for fermenting, two composters are recommended to have a complete, always-running system.

Click here to read about the benefits of composting. Click here to read an article about speed composting from the Wall Street Journal.

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Made from
75% recycled plastic, bokashi
Composter: 11.5" L x 11.5" W x 16" H
Made in Thailand. Without bokashi, the product can also be used as an organic garbage pail (for fruit and vegetable waste).
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benefits of composting

- Up to two-thirds of most household trash can be composted.
- Making compost lightens your garbage and keeps it from smelling.
- Composting reduces the need for more landfills.
- Homemade compost is a free and chemical-free fertilizer for your garden.
- Compost improves all soils - it opens up clay soils and hold moisture and nutrients in light and sandy soils, reducing the need to water and fertilize.
- Compost helps make healthy soils and healthy soils lead to healthy plants and thus, healthier animals and people.

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