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kinetic spinner stake


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Spaced Out

This kinetic metal sculpture brings the wonders of the galaxy closer to front yard. An active cosmos of independent yet intertwined parts, this way-out piece harnesses nature's power, turning the sun and wind's everyday effects into dynamic art. As the breezes gently blow past the piece, the metal cups orbit in opposing directions around a delicate glass globe, creating a mesmerizing, celestial scene. Crystals from the hand-blown globe shimmer in the daylight as they absorb energy from the sun. At night, the crystals suspended in the globe release as a celestial green glow after dark that'll attract stargazers at summer soirees and will even glow in the winter, thanks to its durable, electroplated antique copper finish. Made in China.

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Made from
glass, steel
16" L x 6.88" W x 48" H with stake
Unit will charge in 5 minutes if left in direct sunlight (late afternoon sun being the best) or under incandescent light and will glow up to 4 hours. For best viewing it is recommended not to put near non competing light sources i.e. landscaping lights, street lights or interior house lights.

Small spinner cups will need to be hit with direct winds of 15 mph or more in order to spin while large spinner cups will spin more freely. Care: do not subject to freezing and thawing.

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