Infused Vermont Maple Syrup

These maple syrups have been infused with natural flavors for a unique taste experience.


Eric and Laura Sorkin created by

Eric and Laura Sorkin

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Flip your flapjacks over a fantastic new flavor experience: infused maple syrup. Creators Eric and Laura Sorkin hail from Vermont, so they know syrup. But rather than leave a classic alone, they found a way to combine it with the rich warmth of vanilla and cinnamon, or the unexpected zing of kaffir lime leaf. Either variety has the power to make pancakes transcendent, but the contents of the 8.5 fl. oz. bottles can also be drizzled over ice cream, stirred into coffee, glazed onto ham, spooned into oatmeal, or shaken into cocktails. Handmade in Cambridge, Vermont. 

Click here for recipes using Infused Maple Syrup.

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Made in Vermont

Eric and Laura Sorkin

created by

Eric and Laura Sorkin

Leaving behind careers in environmental advocacy and the traffic of The Beltway, Eric and Laura Sorkin left Washington D.C. to move to Vermont and start an organic vegetable farm. They began producing maple syrup from the 1,000 acres of forest behind their house. This led to a line of infused, barrel-aged, and smoked syrups all made on site at their sugarhouse. Laura has a degree from the French Culinary Institute and has developed recipes using their syrups for desserts, cocktails, and savory dishes. Staying true to their roots, the Sorkins not only certified their operation as organic, but they are also one of the first maple operations to be certified as bird-friendly by the National Audubon Society.

Handmade Made in the USA
2.75" L x 1.5" W x 7.5" H; 8.45 fl oz per bottle
Refrigerate after opening.
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also by Eric and Laura Sorkin


Really pretty bottle design


The bottle looked really nice, it's a great size too, I'll have to wipe it down before I give it though because it seems like in the process of filling the bottle some of it leaked out the side

Algonquin, Illinois


I have found it - THE Vermont Maple Syrup(s)


For several years, it has been a fun game to gift certain family members with syrups, honeys and salts that have been touted as the best (by someone, somewhere). One participant is so enthusiastic about Vermont Maple Syrup that he has received large quantities of a particular favorite for special occasions and was thrilled. He is not a sugar lush, but does enjoy his VMS in/on a variety of foods. Until I ordered the Cinnamon+Vanilla infused, our family's maple syrup enthusiasts were split, having two favorites from another company - one cinnamon infused, the other vanilla. So impressed were they with the prior favorite, it was added to several Christmas Wish Lists! That has changed - maple syrup reamins on the wish list, (I have been informed it will continue to be a favorite gift for several), but the brand has changed to Runamok. I trust UG to consistently offer a great selection of out of the ordinary, quality products, so when I saw the Runamok line of syrups and read their story, I knew these would make a perfect surprise. What I did not expect was their becoming the instant favorites over all other syrups that our family currenty knows of on the entire planet! This is saying something. No really, it is saying a lot about the quality, flavor, consistency, color, aroma...No kidding, there have been family taste tests to determine the best of all brands.There is a tie for most beloved - the Cinnamon Vanilla & Bourbon Barrel Aged currently hold the shared title. Evidently, different applications warrant one not being hailed the king over the other. One may be preferred for a savory dish, while the other may be perfect for a particular smoothie concoction (this varies by day). I have not introduced the other lovely-sounding flavors due to the current passion for these. Not being a syrup enthusiast ever, I still must admit, I truly appreciate the depth of flavor these add to dishes & incorporate them in many recipes. I have even enjoyed a bit on a crepe!

Deep in the heart of Texas


REAL maple syurp



Sandusky, Ohio


Infused Vermont Maple Syrup

4.7 3


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