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himalayan salt bbq plank

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Sizzle and Spice

Looking to spice up your culinary life? This hand-carved platter of Himalayan salt is your multi-tasking tool to do just that. Its beauty and unique properties will allow you to present and even cook your food in ways that will delight your tongue and dazzle your dinner guests.

Himilayan salt has a very stable crystal structure, which allows it to hold a temperature very well. You can chill it to use as a serving platter for sushi, or heat it over a grill or stovetop to cook your veggies. Cooking on salt gives it a greatly enhanced flavor over that of a frying pan. The mineral content in the salt gives it a more nuanced flavor than table salt, and the amount of saltiness it imparts varies with the type of food (moist foods absorb more salt, fatty foods repel it, etc.). Himalayan salt is also long-lasting and naturally antibiotic, needing little more than wiping with a damp sponge after most uses. Whatever you’re serving up, you will be sure to do so with greater flavor and flair. Made in Pakistan.

Check out our Himalayan Salt Plank Scrubber Brush to clean your salt plank.

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Made from
Himalayan salt crystals
8" L x 8" W x 1.5" H
Salt is a long-lasting, naturally anti-bacterial mineral so these plates require just a little care to last for many years. Simply wipe clean and dry between each use. Do not place in a dishwasher or leave in standing water or the salt will erode away.

When using the salt plank for cooking, be sure to follow recommended safety and usage guidelines. As salt heats and cools, small cracks and fissures will naturally form, and after enough usage, they will cause the plank to split. To maintain the longevity of your salt plank, always heat it very slowly, and allow it to cool for 24 hours before reheating it. Made in Pakistan.

Click here to learn how to care for your Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank .

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