Hedgehog Ornament
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Hedgehog Ornament

Bring woodland whimsy to your hearth or tree with this cuddly hedgehog ornament.

A hedgehog saved my sanity


Once, long ago, we were traveling in the far west of Scotland. During an after dinner stroll, we wandered to the local Kirk. Suddenly my worst childhood nightmare came true - the grave I was standing next to collapsed beneath my feet leaving me hip deep in the grave. Frozen with horror and about to scream, a small hedgehog appeared before me. He tilted his head and then nodded at me. As my companions pulled me from the grave, he turned and disappeared into the hedge. I have loved hedgehogs ever since.

Chevy Chase


Hedgehog? Porcupine?


The Uncommon Goods website describes this as a hedgehog. The tag on the item clearly states "porcupine." These are two different animals, and I bought it for someone who loves hedgehogs but is indifferent to porcupines. I was faced with the decision to either give it tag-less and hope for the best or print out a copy of the website and try to pass it off as a hedgehog. I decided to review this product so others would not end up with the same dilemma. Either way, the ornament is very cute, a good size/weight, and I am happy with the purchase, whatever animal it may be...



Hedgehog Ornament

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