Gilded Concrete Circle Necklace
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Gilded Concrete Circle Necklace

Concrete and gold make a unique pair in Lisa and Sean Reico's handmade necklace.
created by

Lisa and Sean Reico

Lisa and Sean Reico created by

Lisa and Sean Reico

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I love this, but it doesn't work


I want to wear it every day. (It was a christmas gift from my husband.) But it is expensive and I am afraid I will lose the pendant because the ring connecting it to the chain is not closed all the way. I tried to repair it myself, didn't want to mess it up more (and wasn't successful anyway), returned it. Received the replacement today--it has the same issue. So sad; normally everything from this company is high quality. I may try to replace the connector ring because it is a beautiful and unique piece.

ontario, ohio


Gilded Concrete Circle Necklace

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