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Great idea but...


Manufacturer should find another way to hold the actual timepiece to the window. It is too heavy for the gel to hold it. We're going to jury rig fishing line and hooks to hold it in place because it looks so great.

boston, MA

Bigger than expected!


This was bigger than I expected and too juvenile. I thought it would be a fun and colorful way to add a clock to my office but it looked like a grade school classroom window decal instead.

Salt Lake City. UT


For My Mom Because of It's Visibility


Purchased this for my Mother who has limited eyesight. Also she has lots of windows in her home. The easy-to-install gel numbers can be spread out as wide as you like, she installed it on a window between her kitchen and living room. It is very bright, colorful, but mostly, useful. The box refers to the Gel Clock as good for "kids" but we feel it is great for grown-ups too! This is a very delightful addition to my Mom's house and she loves it.

Manzanita, Oregon


Cute clock


Cute gel clock. Great gift item. Bigger than I thought it would be, which is nice.



Gel Gem Window Clock

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