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flask book box

by Talia Halliday $56.00
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Please note: each Flask Book Box is one of a kind. Size, title, color, and genre will vary.

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  • the story

Potent Page Turner

Taking a page from Prohibition-era stashes, Talia Halliday's boozy book stows your spirits away until you're ready to share with your most trusted partner in crime. Made from reclaimed library books, the warmly weathered cover opens to reveal the first few pages of a well-loved novel, then a final flip reveals a hollowed out holder for the included 6-ounce flask. Set this handsome vintage tome on your bookshelf and channel your inner-Hemingway or Bukowski whenever the occasion strikes. Handmade in Indiana.

Exclusively at UncommonGoods.

Due to the recycled and handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will vary.

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Community Voted
Item ID
Made from
archival paste, vintage books, library card, double-sided tape
Will vary; Average size: 9" L x 6" W x 1.5" D
Care: vintage books can be delicate, handle with care

Flask included.
  • the maker

Talia Halliday

Transforming once loved and now torn, tattered, and discarded books into lovely objects to admire and accessorize is an art that breathes passion into artist Talia Halliday. That art also breathes life back into these otherwise "trashed" books to turn them into a piece of art. Halliday hopes to bring back the book itself (the tangible tactile book with beautiful covers and illustrations and impeccable bindings) as an object of beauty and art, not one simply to be lost due to the invention of the e-reader. Sorting through discarded books in her local library Halliday is able to find the most resplendent tomes littering the tables, left behind and forgotten by the world. These books hold so much history, so much love, and so much knowledge. The title of the book most often dictates what will be carved from inside and what the book will now become as a piece of art. Halliday keeps the integrity of the book intact as much as possible, because, after all, her goal is to bring back the book as an art form. Talia Halliday began the journey into altered book forms by first resuscitating life back into rejected text books in the school system. She used these text books with her then-students and allowed them to turn them into their own pieces of art by filling the pages with their own poetry and artwork. From there she really started to admire the beauty of the book itself (though she has always been a book lover) and began to mourn the loss of the Book due to the development of the e-reader. So, instead of filling the pages of the discarded books over-filling her library's shelves with more words, she began to turn those books into pieces of art for everyone to carry around or simply sit on their shelf for all to admire. collection

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