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fish mosaic lawn sculpture

by VonChandler - $65.00

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Scaled Up Steel

Bubbling over with personality from face to fin, this gutsy guppy makes a splash indoors and out! This fabulous fish's scales are made out of a dense mélange of welded scraps of sheet metal. The entire sculpture is composed of smooth and jagged shapes, as well as globules of solder, which give it a one-of-a-kind texture and rough-hewn ruggedness. Unlike real water-bound critters, this fishy thrives in the open air and will hook admirerers whether he swims around your yard or garden, or hangs like an animal-friendly trophy bass on your wall. Handmade by VonChandler - in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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Item ID
Made from
18" L x 18" H
Keep out of inclement weather if rusting is unwanted or coat with rust-resistant spray to maintain patina.
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VonChandler -

With a winning sense of humor and a great eye for sculpture, artist Von Chandler specializes in one-of-a-kind metalwork that is both dramatic and whimsical. Chandler is a self-described lover of art who wishes he had known his true calling way back in grade school when his intimidating teacher inquired about his aspirations. Now happily married and the proud owner of a home littered with sculptures, he enjoys nothing more than working with his hands and discussing art with other artists. He did once think he'd be a ninja when he grew up, but is kind of glad that didn't happen. collection

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