Essential Organizer
Essential Organizer
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Essential Organizer

A pretty, practical waterproofed cotton organizer for cosmetics, jewelry, sewing or art materials.

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So versatile...


I use the extremely clever item as a sewing kit, and my daughter uses her's for make up brushes and her other beauty needs.



Nice Design, Poorly Packaged


I love the design! Finally, I found a solution for chunky jewelry that typical travel pouches cannot accommodate. The inside zippered sections have plenty of space for several large pieces of jewelry and more, yet it is not too large to pack. With that said, I will be returning the item for a replacement in hopes that it will be packaged better. The item was one of three items I purchased. It came in a large box casually tossed on top of the other items. It was not wrapped or in a separate box, nor filled with tissue for support. None of the items were packaged well, but the pouch was the only item that was damaged. One side of the pouch was flattened and twisted to the point that the plastic trim is bent and misshapen. I suspect this might happen over time after much use. Rating: 5 for design and style - 1 for packaging

Rochester, NY


Essential Organizer

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