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Above Average Arithmetic

Learning to tell time is so grade school. Indulge your inner geek and accept a new challenge with this nerdy clock. Each numerical hour of the day is spelled out with a different mathematical notation, giving you a new mathematical boost with each time check. For nascent mathematicians and victims of the occasional memory lapse, a cheat sheet is included with each clock:

1: i is equal to the square root of -1, so i^2= -1. The absolute value of -1 is 1.
2: This represents 2 in binary code.
3: The cube root of 27
4: 11 base 3, which represents 4 in the ternary system
5: Log(20x)=2 is equivalent to 20x=10^2 or 20x=100, where x=5.
6: Euler's product formula: phi(p^k)=(p^k)(1-(1/p)), where (p^k)=9
7: This is a binomial coefficient, so with the formula n/k = (n!)/((k!)(n-k)!), n/k=7.
8: This is a natural logarithm where ln(e^x)=x, so ln(e^8)=8.
9: This summation is equal to 3(1)+3(2)=3+6=9.
10: Since clocks "wrap around" every 12 hours, the hour number starts over after it reaches 12. This is arithmetic modulo 12. 10mod12 is 10:00, and 16mod12 would be 4:00, for example.
11: B'L is Legendre's constant, which is equal to 1, so this equation becomes the square root of 121, which is 11.
12: Hexadecimal representation of 12

Clock movement, aluminum bezel, and glass cover made in China. Clock dial and hands made in USA. Assembled in Los Angeles, CA.

For more geeky timepieces, check out the Equation Geek Watch .

Exclusively at UncommonGoods.

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Item ID
Made from
aluminum, plastic, glass
10" dia.
Dust with dry, clean cloth. Requires one AA battery, included. Replace batteries when used to prevent corrosion in battery compartment.

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