Dinosaur Nightlight
Dinosaur Nightlight
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Dinosaur Nightlight

This glowing guy is happy towering over toys, not T-Rexes.


Nice-looking lamp


I bought this for my son, who adores dinosaurs. I looked at a lot of dinosaur nightlights and this one was my favorite for beautiful looks and design--it really does look like a work of art. When I went to plug it in on Christmas night, I accidentally pulled it off the nightstand and it fell and broke on the floor. My little boy cried and cried. We fixed it with superglue and all is well again, but I wish it were a bit more durable for an object in a child's room. And if I were getting really picky, I'd want it to have a timer. It's way too bright to be left on all night (calling it a nightlight is misleading...it's a lamp), so I have to go in every night after he's asleep and switch it off. But again, it's just beautiful and it made a sweet four-year-old very happy!

Santa Barbara, CA

Dinosaur Nightlight

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