Day To Night Rotating Clock
Day To Night Rotating Clock
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Day To Night Rotating Clock

Stop and enjoy the moment with this clock that changes background scenes as you move through the day.


Lovely concept, but disappointingly noisy


I love the design and concept of this clock! But the materials are cheaper than I was expecting -- the frame is lightweight slightly translucent plastic and the background is a piece of paper, though it's not too noticeable from afar. But the biggest disappointment, which may be my fault because I'm not used to analog clocks, is that it ticks fairly loudly. It is VERY noticeable in a quiet room, even a large one. As someone used to a peaceful quiet, this was a real irritant and it prevents me from putting it in any bedrooms or other places where quiet might be desired, which severely limits my display options. I'd much rather it be seen and not heard. But I do love it as a kinetic art piece, so I'm going to keep it and figure out the best place where it can be frequently seen without disturbing the peace.

Nashville, TN

Beautiful clock, very unique


This clock is neutral and looks good anywhere. It's fun to watch as the time changes.

Torrington, Connecticut


Day To Night Rotating Clock

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