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copper rain gauge


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Have Your Fill of Physics

The idea for this curious precipitation collector all started thousands of years ago with the simple question: "Is all that glitters gold?"

Posed by Ancient Greek King, Hiero II, to resident smarty-pants, Archimedes of Syracuse, the answer would change the world of physics, forever. Archimedes was summoned to ensure that the king's solid gold crown contained no lesser metals. The laurel-shaped headdress puzzled the thinker, since he did not know how to measure the crown's volume without damaging it.

Later, when he took to his tub he noticed that the water level rose as he entered the water and it lowered back down when he lifted himself back out. He suddenly realized how he could measure the volume of crown. According to legend, he leapt from his tub and ran through the streets of Sicily nude shouting "Eureka!" (Greek for "I found it!")

Centuries later, the World's Coolest Rain Gauge turns Archimedes' fantastically fun principle of water displacement into a refreshingly original lawn or garden accent. As the water flows into the copper collection flue, the buoyant, foam tube sealed inside rises to show water accumulation. Attractive and informative, this nifty pluviometer makes your backyard a little more interesting. Made in New Paltz, New York

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Made from
Stake: 24" H; Gauge: 6" H x 3" dia.
Care instructions: occasionally clean the tube and flute with warm soapy water and a bottle brush. Do not use lubricants or abrasives.

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