Competition Kitchen Game

Cook up fun with this card game that lets you create meals like a master chef.


created by

Kevin Reader & Joe Gennaro

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Chef's Choice

The tofu and broccoli are gently sautéing, and you've got just the right spice ready. You're a shoo-in. Then, the judge announces the secret ingredient: gummy bears!? Don't worry, you're not on one of those cooking challenge shows, you're playing Competition Kitchen. The food isn't real, but the fun is. One player, acting as the judge, presents a challenge card (like, create "a meal fit for a queen") to the others, who spend the round as chefs. Each chef draws random cards and selects the ingredients to create a delicious meal that fits the challenge. Every round gets a new judge, so every player has a chance in the kitchen. At the end of the game, voila! the player with the most challenge cards wins. Gift it your favorite foodie or get it out next game night and give your family another reason to gather around the table. (After dessert, of course.) Created by Kevin Reader and Joe Gennaro in Chicago. Made in China.

While "game designer" isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think about comedians, it seemed like a logical next step for Kevin Reader and Joe Gennaro. They're both senior members of The Nerdologues, a group of comedians-turned-producers. For over eight years they've been dedicated to making silly and heartfelt stuff to delight people looking for a laugh.

Kevin used to be an archaeologist and Joe had dreams of becoming a monster truck driver, but they each found their way to comedy. Based in Chicago, they're known for producing live shows and podcasts, but realized that sometimes people want to more actively participate in the joke. That's where games come in.

Inspired by their shared joy in cooking competition and travel shows, the team created Competition Kitchen to let foodies and "chefs" at all levels compete to create winning meals at home—without wasted food or all the mess.

Made from
5" L x 8" W x 1" H; 144 cards
(18) Protein Cards
(18) Vegetable Cards
(18) Flavor Cards
(42) Secret Ingredients Cards
(42) Challenge Cards
(6) Blank Cards- Make your own! (3 Secret Ingredients, 3 Challenges)
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