Cloud Nine Rainbow Paperweight

Carrie and Patrick Frost harness a bit of the rainbow's magic with their delightful paperweight.
featured in the

Uncommon Collection


featured in the uncommon collection

Rainbow Bright

The spectacle of color and light made their spirits soar. Carrie and Patrick Frost harness a bit of that magic with their delightful paperweight that is sure to brighten up your home or office. Using medieval glass-making techniques, the couple melts vibrant bands into clear glass, creating the illusion of a magnificent rainbow springing weightlessly from a downy cloud. Handmade in Mantua, Ohio.


Made in Ohio

Exclusively for UncommonGoods

Frost Glass for the Uncommon Collection

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Frost Glass for the Uncommon Collection



“Inspiration comes from all around: taking work out of the oven, surprise elements, nature, from within, and collaboration.”

Frost Glass Ltd. was founded by Carrie and Patrick Frost in 2012. The two met while working for a renowned artist from the Czech Republic at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina in the spring of 2009. The pair quickly became partners in life and business, and found that together they could share a creative vision for the future. In 2014, they moved their growing operation to Mantua, OH and were able to establish their own studio and workspace. Their combined creativity and passion for glass makes Frost Glass® one of the leading brands of contemporary luxury barware while maintaining a practice of hand-made tradition.

Learn more about the process and inspiration behind the Frosts' glass creations in an interview with the couple on our blog, or go behind the scenes and check out our Studio Tour!

Each item in the Uncommon Collection meets five important standards. Here's how Cloud Nine Rainbow Paperweight qualified for the Collection:

Original Design

In their Ohio studio, Patrick and Carrie Frost use a 16th century Venetian technique to stretch a 20-foot-long "cane" of each color, cut it into pieces, and fuse them to create the rainbow that swirls around this piece. In the base, a hand-blown pot of gold reminds us that our glass can always be half full, even after the last sip.

Responsible Business Practices

mission statement

Frost Glass is shaping the way to provide a fresh look to a Medieval Art form. Bold and unusual pattern adorn each piece and are accompanied by a fine eye for detail. We design Frost Glass to give the customer an experience in everyday luxury!

fair wage

Frost Glass does not currently have full-time, year-round employees, but as a policy start at $9.11, which falls within 10% of Portage County's living wage.

- Local (Ohio State) minimum wage: $8.15
- Federal minimum wage: $7.25
- Living wage of Portage County: $9.73

paid time off

The company does not have year-round, full time employees, but meets all our other criteria for responsible business practices.

recycling primary/secondary materials

Frost's primary material of lead free crystal colored glass can be reclaimed and re-melted to make sure there is minimal waste. Each piece of blown glass leaves a small amount on the blowing pipe, which cracks off into a barrel and is hand sorted to remove any impurities before re-use. Any of their extra scrap patterns are rich with color and are saved to be made into paperweights, marbles, or small pieces of jewelry.

charitable giving

Since moving to their new location in Mantua, Ohio in 2014 Frost has been active in their community, donating their time to help clean up the neighborhood and paint road markers on Make a Difference Day 2014 and 2015. Frost is a part of the DMRC, which is dedicated to the revitalization of the community and making Mantua a destination to visit. In 2015 they became trustees. Frost recently raised $1000 from 20% of their Holiday Open House sales to start a new fund with the DMRC. The Small Business Encouragement Fund will be a new asset to the community and provide local businesses with a financial boost to help with special projects. Frost donates their glass pieces to local silent auctions to raise money for causes important to them, such as farm animal rescue.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

glass, a natural source material

Resourceful Packaging

Their packaging is made of as many post-consumer recycled content as possible. Boxes and packaging are meant to be nice enough to keep, but can also be recycled if desired.


There's one place—and only one place—where you'll find the the Cloud Nine Rainbow Paperweight: UncommonGoods.

Only at UncommonGoods Handmade Made in the USA
Made from
soda lime glass
3.62" H x 3.5" diameter
Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
Item ID

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Looks expensive, high quality, and i love it!


The catalog does not do this product justice. Much more elegant in person. 5 stars!



Cloud Nine Rainbow Paperweight

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