Closed Helix Keyring
Closed Helix Keyring
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Closed Helix Keyring

This helix-shaped brass keyring is a new twist on conventional key carriers.
created by

Hunter Craighill

Hunter Craighill created by

Hunter Craighill

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This brass key holder is very stylish and a great representation of long-lost machine arts. I should be able to use this brass holder for decades. The only unexpected results of this holder are that, without a ring, it is sometimes awkward to hang up my keys on my key hooks, and it needs keys with holes small enough that the key can't slip over the knurled end pieces. The piece is quite sturdy, so I am not worried about bending the brass with use. If, however, the place where the brass wire crosses over itself separates a bit more with use, I won't be able to hang up my keys on my key hooks.



Closed Helix Keyring

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