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cardboard animal heads

by Luis Rodrigalvarez $30.00 - 61.00

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No Cardboard Boxes Were Harmed...

On the hunt for the most interesting home decor? More modern design than hunting lodge, these clever, cruelty-free cardboard deer and moose heads are a fun way to add a trophy to your wall without having to go after Bambi's mom. Easy to assemble, the kit includes numbered cardboard sheets and detailed instructions. Designed by Luis Rodrigalvarez of Cardboard Design. Made of 100% recycled cardboard in Virginia.

Choose between Bucky Jr. or Sr. (deer), Fred Jr or Sr. (moose) and Eyan Jr. or Sr. (elephant).

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Item ID
Made from
recycled cardboard
All sizes must be assembled
hang with standard picture hooks (not incl.)

Bucky Jr.: 8.5" D x 11.5" W x 17.5" H, 23 pieces, assembly time 15 minutes
Fred Jr.: 10.75" D x 14.5" W x 12.75" H, 23 pieces, assembly time 15 minutes
Eyan Jr.: 12" D x 12" W x 12" H, 34 pieces, assembly time 15 minutes
Bucky Sr.: 18" x 22.75" W x 33.5"H, 28 pieces, assembly time 15 minutes
Fred Sr.: 18.75" D x 25.5" W x 22" H, 25 pieces, assembly time 15 minutes
Eyan Sr.: 24" D x 24" W x 24" H, 42 pieces, assembly time 30 minutes
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Luis Rodrigalvarez

Luis Rodrigalvarez

After working as a designer for several design firms, manufacturers, and advertising companies in Madrid, Spain, Luis followed his wife to Charlottesville, Virginia and landed at Cardboard Safari as head designer. The quick success of his first design, a cardboard deer trophy, emboldened them to make more fun stuff.

When not designing Luis loves to cook and share his recipes with family and friends. Having grown up in Spain, he tries to recreate the flavors of the Mediterranean in his kitchen.

Luis was inspired to become an artist after working and consulting for the Spanish sculptor Juan Muñoz. He enjoyed becoming a part of the artwork through his involvement. Luis discovers new ideas from traveling in airplanes, subways and cars. "The process of being in motion to another place makes me think from a different perspective and gives me time to turn ideas around in my head."

When starting a new design he considers the material or the tool as these define the possibilities and limitations. "The fragility, flatness and strength are the main characteristics of cardboard that drive my projects and spawn many small sketches and notes. As the idea develops I test and test and as I approach the final design I try to simplify the design as much as possible." collection

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