Trees not doing well at all. :O(


We purchased a special growing light and timer for the trees and followed all the directions, but the trees that haven't died off are all turning brown no matter how much we baby them.



Lovely Little Forest!


I received this kit for my birthday on the 7th. Here it is just 15 days later, and I already have more sprouts than I can count! (Just a heads up. If your home is 75 degrees F or lower, you're going to need to heat them with a lamp and water then every 2 days or so). I'm a super beginning gardener with nobody to really help me, so the clear instructions are really great. It's attractive and made of recycled US steel, which is amazing. AND, the company actually includes *2* packets of seeds per order now, in case you screw up the first time. That was so sweet of them. One thing I'd like to see are details in the instructions about what kind of soil or fertilizer to use on the product down the line. Since I had at least 10 sprouts going on and I want to save them all, I'll need to plant half of them in another pot. I'll have to go and talk to people at nurseries around here to figure out what kind of soil medium to use. That information would be helpful for other people too! Also, I'd like to pollinate it, but I have no idea how. These are just little things people might like to know. Five stars!

Eugene, OR


Great product and design


I received this as a Christmas present. I didn't get around to setting it all up until about February. Right now I have 5 trees growing out of the 15 seeds I planted and I still have some seeds left over. I love the fact that its all inclusive and the box it comes in turns into the pot and drip tray. it being recycled is a nice bonus as well. I like that the soil is a rich brown when it is dry so I can always tell when I need to add water. For those looking for Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid) style bonsai please look for a juniper kit. This is not the kind of tree you can shape while growing in a bonsai style.

baton rouge, la.




I bought this for my boyfriend who loves his garden. I thought it would be a great idea to get him this Bonsai kit for his office. It has been six months and not one tree has grown. We are totally bummed. I meant to write a review a long time ago since I gave this gift to him for xmas but he wanted to keep trying with different seeds and different techniques. It was suggested that perhaps the packaging the seeds are sent it ruin the seeds since I noticed that other reviews stated the same. Totally disappointed.

Long Island, NY


Seeds Did Not Sprout


I followed directions exactly but seeds did not sprout. I requested a new seed packet. I hope they send them out to me and that the second set grows. I am hoping the moss grows as well. If they resend and everything grows I would recommend to a friend---




The kit promised 3-5 sprouts out of the 15-20 seeds they give you. I've only gotten one viable sprout. Is there a way for me to contact the maker and request more seeds to try again? I really don't want to return the entire kit, since the one sprout is doing well. However, I feel like one sprout doesn't constitute a "forest" either.

Macomb, MI


Cant wait for this to grow


This is an awesome product. Received it as a gift.

Tucson , AZ


Enchanted Forest in the desert


The best part of this gift was the location it was sent to. I sent it to my sister who lives in NM where there is a drought and not a lot of trees. She can have her own little enchanted forest in her home for many years.

Oregon City, OR


Happy so far


Got this for my mother and she loves it! Solidly made, instructions are helpful. just waiting for it to grow!

denver, co


Great Customer Service


I received this as a present, beautiful packaging and easy directions. Unfortunately my seedlings never took. I contacted customer service and they said they would replace it for me, no questions asked. I was thinking they would send me a packet of seeds, but no they went way beyond and sent me a whole new set up and it arrived in 2 days!!! Thanks for actually having customer service that seems to care, very few companis have that anymore. I will use your company in the future.

Washington, DC

Bonsai Forest

4.0 73