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black whiskey stones and gift set

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Chill Out

There's an undeniable atmosphere of sophistication in the room. Perhaps you're sitting at the bar in a half-lit room punctuated by the sounds of jazz and private conversation. Or perhaps you're sipping your Scotch at home in your favorite chair, pondering the great questions of our age. Either way, the perfect way to savor such a moment is with an amber spirit and set of sleek, black whiskey stones in their smoky glass tumbler.

This dark twist on the classic whiskey stones was developed by Andrew Hellman, a connoisseur of single malt scotch who wanted to chill his spirits without diluting them. It has all the benefits of the original—natural soapstone retains its temperature for extended periods of time, and is soft enough not to scratch your glass—infused with a new, cooler attitude.

Simply freeze the stones. Add three to your next drink, let stand for five minutes and enjoy.

Want to upgrade your gift to top shelf?

The Gift Set includes a set of six Black Whiskey Stones and two stylish, smoky gray sipping glasses (pictured). The lead-free, mouth-blown tumblers are dishwasher safe, and made in the Czech Republic ; stones are made in India.

Why should I use Whiskey Stones instead of ice?

Whiskey Stones are ideal for drinking with high quality whiskey because they keep it at the perfect sipping temperature (50 degrees), whereas ice cubes can make the whiskey too cold and ruin the flavor.

A handful of ice will take a drink to just under 40 degrees, and to deep freeze a drink quickly, there is nothing better. But some drinks you neither want to dilute nor deep freeze. Temperatures in the high 30s are far too cold for good whiskey. The reason is that the wood oils in the whiskey, which have leached into the liquid from the carefully selected cask it was aged in and which carry all the flavor, tend to congeal and "close down" the flavor of the drink itself when the temperature goes below 50. The stones are specifically designed to "take the edge off without diluting or closing down the flavor."

Specifically, 3 stones in a glass containing 2-3 oz. will take the liquid temp from mid-70s (room temperature) to the 50s. Not designed for use with a large volume of liquid.

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Made from
polished soapstone, non lead crystal
Stones: 0.875" cube; Glass: 2.5" H, 8 oz. capacity
Stones: Rinse before first use. Rinse and air dry following every use and storing in freezer for next time. Do not chew or ingest.
Glass: Dishwasher safe

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