Bioluminescent Dino Pet

More than a dinosaur, this sweet "pet" is home to thousands of tiny, glowing sea creatures.


Let it Glow

Your dog may be adorable. Your cat may be cute. But can they compete with a glowing dinosaur? This amazing companion is actually thousands of pets in one--tiny, bioluminescent plankton called dinoflaggelates ("dinos") that illuminate their dinosaur-shaped environment when you gently shake it. Just let them bask in indirect light during the day, and they'll treat you to a soft blue light show at night. Quiet, compact, and easy to care for, Dino Pet lets you hold one of nature's most magical phenomena in the palm of your hand. It makes a soothing, natural nightlight, an interactive aquarium, and an awe-inspiring work of living art that won"t bite the hand that feeds it (dino food, included). Components made in China and the USA.

Please note: Dinopets must be opened immediately and should not be left exposed to extreme temperatures. It will only light up at night, and only once it's adjusted to your geographical zone (which may take a few weeks).

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Made in the USA
Made from
nylon, polyethylene, ABS plastic, seawater, marine algae
6" L x 3" W x 6" H
Click here to see the Dino Pet Care Manual.

Click here to see the Dino Pet Troubleshooting Tips.

Dino Food care instructions:
Keep a cool dry place. Expires in 6 months from purchase. May be kept in refrigerator. Be sure to bring to room temp before adding to Dino Pet.
Bioluminescent Dino Pet includes: Dino Pet shell, care manual, Dinos, Dino Food, instructions.
Please note: due to the circadian rhythm of the dinoflagellates, Dino Pet will photosynthesize during the day and glow at night. It will not glow during daytime hours. Dino Pet may take 2-3 days before it begins to glow.
Click here to see FAQs.

Please note: due to the delicate nature of the Bioluminescent Dino Pet, someone must be present to receive the package at time of delivery.
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Quirky, neat


Arrived promptly but like most I didnt realize the delay to give this for xmas and that the organisms might die if not set up right away. (there was no info as to how long the organisms can stay in bag) So I went ahead and set it up, it was pretty easy to do even thru the overly confusing directions. It was difficult to remove all the air bubbles from the container tho. I do believe many will kill their organisms by gift wrapping it prior to setup for the big reveal. I was very exact with directions to make sure it would work and not kill them. glad I had to set it up early, its had weeks to start the process. I am seeing brief flashes of lights when gently tipped over, so when given on xmas it should have an immediate impact. I fear many will treat the organisms badly, overly shaking it to get effect etc. after novelty lessens. Now to figure out how to gift wrap it.... lol, thinking ill just put it in a wrapped open top box at the last min, and have him 'unwrap' it in a dark closet. lol he will love the mystery of it all. Pros: easy to set up and maintain, quirky fun, you get attached to your new pets and care about them as tiny beings. Cons: Confusing and overly complicated directions which dont answer the most basic qstns such as feeding, do they need food replenishment, what do you feed them, how long can the extra food that came with it last, does it need refrigeration, how long can the organisms stay in bag before setup, how long will they live once set up. The design of the container is pretty ugly, it doesnt look good in daylight, like a cheaply made toy. could have been much more artistic. hard to remove air bubbles when setting up. Screw on the bottom is very soft and easy to dent with tools to remove it. Over all I do love the concept and execution, look forward to better containers in the future. Will buy future offerings



Bought this for myself and I just love it!


The product is everything shown in the video and website. It's easy to care for, fun the "play" with and it's just a really easy pet. I originally bought it for my 7 year old, but I think I'll keep it for myself and just let him see it. I have mine sitting in a northern facing window, which is providing the correct light. It's awesome and I love it.

Denton, TX


Very easy to care for, even saw them the first night


I bought this for my 8 year old son. Honestly, I love it just as much as he does. I keep it on my office desk under a light during the day, and each night we enjoy seeing it light up when my office is dark. Purchased a magnifying glass to view them closer. Very easy to care for, and we saw the little guys glowing the first night! Highly recommend this product.

Montpelier, VA




Bought this as a gift, it's been almost two weeks and doesn't glow at all, not even a little. Followed the directions perfectly.


Cute idea


I still really love this idea. I think it is super creative and bought the dinosaur as a gift with the book. The package came ahead of schedule, the directions were easy, the book was awesome! I am a little down that mine had not really glowed. I get glimpses of the blue but only if i constantly move the dinosaur. I thought it would be a longer lasting from the pictures. Also not sure how to buy more food.

Woodland, Ca


I would definitely buy this as a gift for a friend!


It's perfect to keep in the living room, and just shake it and add light when it gets dark. It's super easy to care for and it is such a small but amazing product.

Freehold, NJ


Make a Kawaii Cat shaped Pet one


Your company should make a Kawaii Cat shaped Pet Bioluminescent Aquarium to match with the cat accessory trend craze.

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida


Fun, interesting gift


I got this gift for my biologist husband, and he loved it (and I do, too). Even the first night, there was a little glow. Now, after 3 weeks, the dinos are bright and beautiful! Would make a great gift for biologists or curious minds young and old!

Farmville, VA


Great concept but doesn't stay lit up long


Bought this for my disabled daughter to enjoy in her bedroom at night. I followed the directions exactly. In order for it to light up, you have to shake it. Once shaken, it glows for a second or two then goes out. Disappointed that the glow doesn't last longer.

Northern VA


Kind of disappointed. Did not Illuminate like I thought itwo


I was expecting it to Illuminat more

Cincinnati OH


Bioluminescent Dino Pet

3.6 131