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awkward moment card game

by Mary Flanagan $19.00

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Good Grief!

You're complaining to your friends about the gym teacher at your school...when you realize he's right behind you.

You're texting your friend while walking home from school when you trip and faceplant into a fountain.

You think you see a friend coming up the street, so you wave like crazy and yell her name...then you realize it's not her.

When being a teen just can't get any tougher, those awkward moments remind us that there's always room for extra embarrassment. If only we knew what to do right when humiliation strikes to it shake off, no sweat.

Think of this game, awarded the National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval, as your first defense against the awkward experiences you'd do anything to avoid. Cards packed with mortifying moments encourage players to face social faux pas head on. Reaction cards pose a variety of ways the player could react when blush-worthy situations strike. The decider chosen for each round draws a decider card that encourages players to choose the best reaction based on constraints, such as "What a teacher would most likely tell you to do," "What the decider would least likely do," "Most responsible," and "Silliest." The reaction that appeals most to each round's decider wins and the player keeps the Moment card. Collect the most cards to triumph over those oh-no moments and to win the game! Printed in China.

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Made from
cardboard, paper, card stock
5.13" L x 3.88" W x 3.13" D
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Mary Flanagan

Created by Mary Flanagan, an artist and professor at Dartmouth College who founded the research lab Tiltfactor to "tilt" us out of old game models and invent new ones. Mary and her top-notch team of social psychologists, graphic designers, game designers, technologists, and students, design innovative games that incorporate psychological principles to change the way people think and feel about issues in domains such as public health, social commons, and societal biases and stereotypes. collection

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