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by Kasha Ritter $275.00 SALE - $99.99

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Art On the Go

Whether you're running to a meeting at work, a Saturday drawing class, or a meditation retreat, this bright canvas art bag carries all your essentials with gorgeous painterly intrigue. Crafted from durable yoga mat material and highlighted by Kasha Ritter's abstract floral art, this all-purpose tote features an inner affirmation pocket for holding an inspiring message and a strip of colorful canvas as a reminder that the inside matters. Artist Kasha Ritter paints using a glass dropper of acrylic ink, which creates brightly colored, flowing artwork for each bag. Handmade in the USA.

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Made from
nylon, plastic, metal, canvas, TPE, ink
tote: 13.5"L x 6"W x 12"H;
crossbody: 9.5"L x 3"W x 9.5"H
Care: Hand wash with cloth and soap water. Machine wash on warm, gentle cycle, hang to dry.
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Kasha Ritter

Kasha Ritter

I paint without brushes. I use the glass dropper from a jar of acrylic ink. FW acrylic ink to be exact. I owe this technique to my cat Lola. She got my attention one morning at 3:00 am by knocking over jars of acrylic ink onto a large piece of canvas as I sat staring, wondering where to begin. Watching the ink pour-a-puddle, I grabbed the dropper to save the color. Pulling it off to put it back in the jar. Then I saw it. A shape of sorts. Might be a flower, possibly a hand but definitely something had formed from this apparent mess on canvas. I happen to love messes so it was a good fit. A style is born. Meow.

I have been creative my whole life as the saying goes. I remember Harold and the Purple Crayon falling off the shelf at the library. I secretively hated books. Lacked the patience to read. But I loved this book. Simple pictures, few words and he drew on walls! My hero. This began my love of line, which I still am quite fond of. Taking a pencil, pulling the line into form amazes me even now. How one line can make an incredible shape or write beautiful words. Long live the lovely line.

I did draw a lot growing up and owe that entirely to my Nanny. Salomae Bielawa Michno. I loved her. She saw that my mischeviousnes was actually art in hiding so she sat me down with a tin of broken crayons and animal stencils and a stack of paper and I was gone. In heaven. Lost track of time. Don't talk to me. This was why I was here. To create. Something. Not sure what at this point but I sure knew I had found a part of me that was meant to be. collection

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