Aquamarine Ebb and Flow Cuff
Aquamarine Ebb and Flow Cuff
Aquamarine Ebb and Flow Cuff
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Aquamarine Ebb and Flow Cuff

created by

Emilie Shapiro

Emilie Shapiro created by

Emilie Shapiro

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also by Emilie Shapiro

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Beautiful, but jewelry shipped with cracked bezel


I should have responded sooner, but the days since Christmas have really run away from me! I do not know much about jewelry or jewelry-making - my partner does. She let me know on Christmas that she loved the bracelet, but that it arrived with bezel cracked in a couple places. Is there any way the artist could either repair or replace the bracelet? Otherwise, she loves the design and the intent behind the aquamarine!

Norwalk, CT



returned right away, didnt look as good in person , in fact the stones looked like gravel

nashua, nh




This cuff is absolutely beautiful and is my new favorite statement piece. It's much lighter than you would expect and has a gorgeous negative space paired with the gemstones. Such a great Birthday gift from my husband!

New York


Disappointing color


The best thing about this product is that it's design is exactly what is shown. However I wouldn't recommend this product at this price. The gift arrived the day of the my friends birthday and well I was very disappointed in the color of the stones. I wasn't expecting it look EXACTLY like the photo, but this product is called aquamarine and the stones colors are anything but. Even in bright light the stones color are a dismal gray and not even close to aquamarine. I am very disappointed and definitely would recommend against ordering this

Pensacola, FL


Aquamarine Ebb and Flow Cuff

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