642 Things to Draw
642 Things to Draw
642 Things to Draw
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642 Things to Draw

Get your pencil moving and your imagination unstuck with this book!

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My son's favorite gift ever


My son is a creative 13 year old, and this book was probably his favorite book ever. I usually don't post reviews but I felt compelled to do so because this was the perfect book for a kid who loves to draw but often is looking for a prompt: "What should I draw". The things he came up with based on the ideas in the book are fabulous. It's now his go-to activity whenever he has free time. This book is not going to work for someone whose creativity you hope to foster-it's really for a person who already is very creative and artsy. For a kid who would rather draw than do just about anything, I think this book is a fantastic choice.



not what it seems


It appears to show how to draw simple little things.It doesn't. It has boxes to draw things of your choosing. The return cost me over $11.00. Very upset

Greenwood, IN


642 Things to Draw

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