We created UncommonGoods in 1999 to offer you original designs by independent makers. Products that express individuality and creativity, while also making a positive impact on people and the planet. Now, we're pleased to introduce the Uncommon Collection - products that meet our very highest standards for design and social responsibility, and can only be found at UncommonGoods. Each product meets these five standards:

  • Uncommon Collection products are a clever integration of form and function or an expression of the maker’s individuality.

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  • We do business with partners that share our values. Uncommon Collection makers pay all employees a fair wage. Uncommon Collection vendors' starting hourly wage averages 60% above the federal minimum and 40% above their state minimum, all starting hourly wages are a minimum of 90% of the MIT living wage, and vendors meet at least two of the following standards:

    • Maintain a paid time-off policy

    • Recycle all primary and secondary materials used in manufacturing and packaging

    • Participate in a charitable giving program

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  • Every product we sell meets U.S. federal and state product safety standards. We hold our Uncommon Collection products to a higher standard for environmental impact. All products are made from one of the following:

    • Natural Source Material—e.g. stone, wood, metal

    • 3rd Party Certified Synthetic Material – independently verified that item is produced in accordance with fundamental benchmarks of environmental, social and ethical accountability

    • Recycled, recyclable, or upcycled materials

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  • • Packaging that's neither excessive nor wasteful

    • Packaging made primarily of materials that are partially or fully recycled, as well as compostable and/or recyclable.

    • Keepsake packaging must provide added value that minimizes the chance it will be discarded.

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