The Uncommons

Meet the team of friends with enough personality to fill the room!

Meet the team of friends with enough personality to fill the room!

  • Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Mug


    With his flowing rainbow mane, it would appear that Elwood was destined for fame. His Cinderella story begins, however, at a fairy dust farm share, where he harvested a shimmering bounty for local tooth fairies. Taken by his enigmatic blue eyes, the tooth fairies entered him in a magical modeling contest—the rest is unicorn history, set in stoneware.

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  • Percy the Pencil Porcupine


    Percy has always had a flair for the dramatic. When the rest of his porcupine friends flaunted their run-of-the-mill quills, he was sifting through fashion magazines, yearning to rule the runways of Paris. Now, his quills can be colored pencils or even makeup brushes. Talk about trailblazing.

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  • Bioluminescent Dino Pet


    Some might call Little Bio a heartbreaker. “But you light up my world,” jilted suitors lament as she gives a kind wave. She can’t help it—she literally lights up worlds with the bioluminescent plankton.

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  • Lil' Mib (Message in A Box)


    Mib grew up watching soap operas. She loved the sweeping story lines about amnesia and secret twins. However, it was the love affairs gone awry that hit her the hardest. Why couldn’t Fiona just tell Juan Julio how she felt? Then the ghost of Fiona's great aunt never would have cloned the alien pirates to destroy the town! From then on, Mib resolved to always say what was on her mind—and in her heart.

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  • Edgar and Ollie The Puppet Pals


    Edgar and Ollie met on a third grade field trip and immediately bonded over their shared love of hot cocoa and a reluctance to open their eyes. When they found out they’d both been made from repurposed wool sweaters, their fate was sealed—best friends for life.

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  • Sea Serpent Garden Stake


    You wouldn’t think it by looking at him but this tough-as-steel fella prefers to go by Hector, loves curling up with the Sunday Times, and knits sweaters for his ten year old dachshund. He’s a sensitive soul who started a small herb patch at his summer home and hasn’t stopped gardening since.

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  • Shower Squids


    As a kid, Squiddy’s favorite activity was to organize her sea glass collection. When she moved to the Big City to pursue her dreams, she kept her pizza delivery menus in alphabetical order. When she picked up her first shampoo bottle, she knew she’d found her organized soul mate—they’ve been together ever since.

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  • Chameleon Sculpture


    Captivated by the changing colors found in nature--from a chameleon's shifting shades to the sea-green patina that develops on aging copper--Catherine Murphy transforms this malleable metal into captivating garden sculptures with tons of character. Using her trusty hammer, vise, anvil, and oxyacetylene torch, she folds, forges, and anneals the metal, transforming it into an eye-catching chameleon.

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