• Shattered Glass Ceiling Paperweight

    Shattered Glass Ceiling Paperweight


  • F Bomb Paperweight

    F Bomb Paperweight


  • Home Plate Paperweight

    Home Plate Paperweight


  • Amazing Woman Paperweight

    Amazing Woman Paperweight


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journals & stationery

  • A Year of Gratitude

    A Year of Gratitude


  • My Life Story - So Far

    My Life Story - So Far


  • What I Love About Mom By Me Book

    What I Love About Mom By Me Book


  • Letters To My Future Self

    Letters To My Future Self


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  • Notepaper Roller

    Notepaper Roller


  • Jotblock



  • Percy the Pencil Porcupine

    Percy the Pencil Porcupine


  • Uprise Monitor Riser

    Uprise Monitor Riser


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gadgets & tools

  • PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

    PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

    $19.95 - $49.99

  • Bluetooth Tracking Tag

    Bluetooth Tracking Tag


  • iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set

    iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set


  • Playable Art Ball

    Playable Art Ball


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pens & pencils

  • 5 in 1 Tool Pen

    5 in 1 Tool Pen


  • Contractor Pen

    Contractor Pen


  • Meteorite Pen

    Meteorite Pen


  • Electric Stippling Pen

    Electric Stippling Pen

    $5.00 - $58.00

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desktop sculptures

  • Deep Sea Sand Art

    Deep Sea Sand Art


  • Marimo Moss Ball Light Bulb Terrarium

    Marimo Moss Ball Light Bulb Terrarium


  • Big Personality Desk Signs

    Big Personality Desk Signs


  • Galileo Globe Thermometer

    Galileo Globe Thermometer


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Uncommon Gift Tips What are some great office accessories?
From thoughtful retirement gifts to funny coworker gifts, win workplace brownie points and impress your comrades with fun finds from our collection of excellent office gifts for coworkers and employees. Why be all work and no play? Instead, accessorize your desk with some fun gadgets, desktop games, paperweights, and useful organizers that are anything but dull.

Helpful considerations:
• These days many people spend more hours of their lives at the office, why not give them something that reminds them of you while at work?
• Inspire creativity through beautiful and fun design, or with an uplifting quote.
• Desk organization is utilitarian but can be really fun too, making it a great gift category.

Gift message inspiration:
• Happy new home & new job! Hopefully this fits on your desk at either place. xoxo Jane
• A little desk reminder that we know your pain & appreciate your efforts & support. #bestbossever. thnx4alludo! Parker, Austin and Maggie.
• I’m so very proud of you and all that you’ve achieved! A little something from me for your new desk! Congratulations! With love, Mom
• Happy Graduation. Thought this might be fun to have on your desk and use to procrastinate. -Jen and Cassie

Still stuck?Meet Sunny, the best ever (well only) gift finding elephant. Sunny has big ears for listening and a huge brain to help you find the best gifts possible. Good luck!

Have a tip for others trying to pick out a great office accessory? Good things come to those who share! Email gift.tips@uncommongoods.com